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Scope of Services

All of the following items make up our website development package.

Information Architecture - Discovery

Information Architecture (IA) is the structural design of organising information and its findability. For sites with large amounts of diverse content, a properly developed Information Architecture is critical to optimise both organic discovery through search engines, as well as ease of navigation once a user is on the site.

Developing Site Structure & Navigation

Site structure is the most basic component of information architecture. It’s an important first step for planning navigation and content. The ultimate goal of a well-planned site structure is understandability; the structure should be based on the ways that user conceptualise the information provided by your website.

Structuring Taxonomies

Search capability is tremendously enhanced by a well-structured taxonomy. Proper development of taxonomies requires user research to identify and validate how your users need to group, sort, and identify the information on your website. After all, a search engine is only as good as the information structure it has available to search through! In addition to search, taxonomies also support dynamic content feeds, empowering development teams to build sites customised towards user preferences. Feeds such as these rely on taxonomy terms and proper governance of taxonomies.

Developing Data Structure

The final component of creating information architecture is ensuring that different content types are structured properly. Our designers and architects work together to identify required fields and metadata for all content types. This standardisation allows designers to visually arrange content on pages in the most understandable way. Additionally, content creators can use these predefined content types to easily create new content that complies with site standards.

Your Investment

Website Development
Graphic Design
$29.00 / month
Domain Registration
$26.00 / month
Security and Support - Pro Package
$269.00 / month

Total: $11824

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